Water Resources in the Natural Setting

What does that even mean?

Water resources is the term to describe where we get water for human use. ‘Water resources in the natural setting’ is used here to put emphasis on the natural environment–from which water is taken from for our use.

What is the point?

Our water tables are dropping, our aquifers are drying up and the current drought is not helping things. Water is being diverted from streams and rivers for agricultural use and in turn those streams and rivers are at unhealthy levels. This process works to the detriment of all the wild critters that rely on healthy waterways.

What can you do?

This is where I get excited. There is so much that can be done and it is my mission and my passion to apply engineering solutions to mitigate drought effects. For example, rehabilitating the forests surrounding our cities and agricultural lands can help to sequester rainwater to the subsoil as well as bolster the local fauna. The days of big dams and huge man made reservoirs may be coming to an end but the potential for underground water storage is vast and virtually untapped.

Now what?

I am a civil engineering student focusing on water resources management. I expect to graduate in the next two to three years and start working on projects for or with agencies such as the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. I plan on working on infrastructure projects on a large scale. My career goal is to grow or rehabilitate one million acres of forest that will put more water in the ground than it uses. This can be done profitably and must be done while improving wildlife habitat. I will also be investing my own resources to reforest land I plan to develop on a smaller scale–some where in the 100 acre range.

What can I do?

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Carl Humphrey