Carl Humphrey

I understand the mess that this world is in, from deforestation and the industrial age to global warming and climate change to mass extinctions and even the fact that many experts refer to our current epoch the Anthropocene–not to mention the atrocities caused to humans by other humans. The vast expanse of marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean may be a drop in the bucket but it is a step in the right direction. The first thirty years of my life was spent either lost, wandering, or headed down the wrong path intentionally. I am telling you all this to tell you that I’m not here to judge or claim how you live or conduct yourself is wrong, nor what you should do to change.
I am here to put the work in that needs to be done. If your going my way maybe I could be of help to you. Maybe you could lend me a hand if I am working on something of which you could be of assistance. Rehabilitating forests, water infiltration, improving wildlife and doing it all profitably. This is my goal, and I am confident that it can be done. I am not trying to stop or deny climate change, I am trying to prepare for it. ‘Environmental security’ is is a new term to me and it has a nice ring to it.